Is anyone else going a little stir crazy in COVID-19 isolation? One of the compensations though is that our senses of humour have been coming to the fore.
“Our senses of humour have been coming to the fore”
One of the Australian Governors complained he will not be able to have a drink in a pub or restaurant when they can reopen; they will be too weak for what he has become used to! Others are ruing having said in the past about all the jobs waiting at home they will get onto them just as soon as they have time. Oh no, they now have time! Later in this Chain Mail I have included some humorous snippets out of some club bulletins. I cannot fit them all in of course, but they are a great way of lifting our spirits.
Despite COVID-19 life goes on, with a lot of activity happening at District and Club levels. As the artwork from Rotarian Evan Burrell says “Rotary isn’t cancelled. It’s just different”. The sentiment expressed is spot on.
“Great vision and collaboration”
Congratulations to the East Gippsland and Peninsula Clusters who have both committed to or completed cluster wide projects showing a great deal of cluster vision and collaboration. See more later in Chain Mail.
Growing Use of Zoom
Most of our clubs and clusters are meeting currently using Zoom. The meetings get better each time as clubs and administrators get more proficient at using the application, and the opportunities opened become more apparent and exciting.
Later in Froggie’s Chain Mail I have included some information from the very influential Gartner Group who have rated Zoom only second to the full commercial CISCO suite of online meeting software.
As the Rotary Club of Mt. Eliza said in this week’s Club Newsletter “Following two weeks where we have had a guest speaker at our weekly ZOOM meeting it is clear that we can now proceed almost as business as usual while we face COVID-19 restrictions”.
We have built up quite a large group of people in District now who can assist those clubs only just trying Zoom now. Contact your Assistant Governor.
“I would love to receive invites to club Zoom meetings”
I would love to receive invites to club Zoom meetings, especially from those clubs I have not been able to physically visit this year or have not already zoomed with.
We can have some fun with Zoom by the way. See the story on Zoom Bingo later in Chain Mail. I hope you enjoyed the cartoon above from Tim Wakeling.
Upcoming Online Events
As mentioned above, “just different”
  • Online Foundation Grant Management Seminar
  • Rotary Club of Frankston North Trivia Night
  • Projects that Rotary Clubs can Deliver During Isolation
  • 45 Minute Membership Webinar
  • District Assembly & Budget Approval
  • Youth Protection Webinar
  • District Changeover
  • More to be announced…