It’s hard to believe, but Christmas Day will have been and gone before the next issue of Chain Mail, so its time to wish all Rotarians and family a very happy Christmas and very importantly, a safe holiday if travelling.
Please take care and be patient on the roads, as we have had a bad road toll this year across Victoria.
Emergency Appeals & Distributions:
Last month I announced the creation of the Rotary Clubs of Australia 2019 National Drought Appeal, which is travelling along well. Since then we have had lots of bushfire activity, especially in NSW and QLD.
We have just committed $16,500 from our District 9820 Emergency Fund of which $10,000 is for various fire relief projects established in RAWCS and the remaining $6,500 for hay for East Gippsland.
Some of the poor farmers have now taken a double hit, continuing drought followed up now with bush fires. Some of them just can’t catch a break.
Thank you to all clubs and members who support these causes and help us to top up our Emergency fund ready for the next round of bushfires.
DG’s 'Breaking the Chains' Clusters Tour:
The last of these cluster are now completed with great gatherings held during November at Leongatha, Pakenham and Berwick.
All the great ideas from the accumulated table talk discussions will now be circulated to all clubs as a resource of great ideas as we all plan for the future. Amazing participation from all who attended all these cluster meetings.
Thank you all. As RI President Mark Maloney said, “it’s time to act on what we know”. Let’s do it!
Rotary Youth Programmes Pathway:
Amazing work has been done by District Youth Chair Rob Cook on developing John Reeve’s Youth Programmes Pathway concept.
Displayed at the AGM and at the Pakenham and Berwick Melbourne South East Cluster tour meetings this generated enormous interest. See more information later in ChainMail.
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award):
After the best part of a year’s planning, the exciting new look RYLA is taking place at Rawson Camp from the 8th to 14th December.
Best wishes to Chair Nigel, his enthusiastic RYLA Leaders and the participants for an amazing week of action and learning.
Rotarians are welcome to drop in during the week and say hello.