Based on a story from D9820's own E-Club
Have a personal Rotary Membership Plan
Membership of Rotary, like any other activity in life, works better if you have a personal plan about how to get the most out of it. At the beginning of every Rotary year (1 July), or at any other time, why not sit down and plan how you will maximise your membership. In an eClub this is especially important as we don’t have the impetus of a weekly face-to-face meeting to give us a “push along”.
Here are some suggestions. You may think of other things you might do.
·         Run your eye over Rotary Basics to refresh yourself about what Rotary is about.
·         Work through the weekly meetings in your clubs bulletin and make comments to your Club’s Facebook page.
·         Support your Clubs Facebook page and respond to posts already there. Think about sharing posts to your own timeline if you strongly support the content presented.
·         Look at your Club’s projects page on your Club website to see what projects you might become involved in. If your Club does not have a projects page, get involved to improve it. 
·         Commit to contributing $A100 to the Rotary Foundation during the year through the Centurion Program. The club can organise this for you.
·         Commit to attending the District 9820 Conference. Attending a District Conference creates opportunities. Opportunities to learn, share, build links and get things done. You will never know if you don't go! I just love meeting people and being part of a bigger picture.
·         Make suggestions on how your club can work better. If you believe your Club can be better, be a driver and not a passenger. Members make the club what it is.
·         Participate!