Article submitted by District  9820 Secretary Jane Moore
The Rotary Club of Frankston North has shown great initiative and good example of how a Club can fund raise in this time of social isolation by holding online Community Zoom Sessions.
There are a multitude of ways your Club can stay vibrant and attractive. In the face of imposed change, let's forge new opportunity!
Do you have an event you would like to promote?
Use your Club avenues of promotion - your bulletin, social media platforms (are you all on Facebook, zooming into Club meetings across districts, nationally, internationally, connecting through a club WhatsApp group?) Seek the assistance of your Assistant Governor
Use your District Avenues of promotion - district bulletin, Froggie's Chain Mail, district website and district Facebook page. 
District how to:  
  • promote in the monthly District newsletter by emailing editor Sam Mc Curdy at
  • promote on the District website,  Click on the "events" tab. Follow the simple instructions! There is also option to enter your online event into the "zoom meetings from around the world' function on the website home page.
  • promote your event on the District Facebook page by emailing Rob and Janet
The District email platform cannot be used to promote Club events.  This communication is reserved for the circulation of  District information and activity to alleviate email overload and burnout.
Now is the time to utilise our promotional capacity via information technology!