What is Polio?
Poliomyelitis (Polio) is a highly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under the age of 5.  It is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease.
There is no cure, but there are safe and effective vaccines.  It can be prevented through immunization. Polio vaccine, given multiple times, almost always protects a child for life.
The strategy to eradicate polio is therefore based on preventing infection by immunizing every child until transmission stops and the world is polio-free. 
Rotary and our partners have used the vaccine to immunize over 2.5 billion children worldwide.
Unless we eradicate polio, within 10 years, as many as 200,000 new cases could occur around the world each year.  
Since 1988, we’ve seen a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. For more than two years, we’ve seen wild polio cases in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In the past few years, only two countries have reported cases of polio caused by the wild virus, but no child anywhere is safe until we’ve vaccinated every child. 
What can you do to End Polio Now?  With your help, we can end polio for good.  
Just 3 Actions in less than 3 Minutes you can make a world of difference.
  1. Learn - Get informed and help make polio a subject of conversation in your community.
  2. Share - Most people have heard of polio, but few know that the disease still affects children around the world. You can help by spreading the word.
  3. Donate - Every donation helps us obtain the vaccines, transport and materials needed in the fight against polio.  
For the District Governor's Partner Program, Wendy is asking all clubs to do something extra, over and above the support normally given to the End Polio cause.  This could be holding a special Polio - Endgame activity to raise funds for this Final Push. 
Please tag these funds as '9820 Partner program' and channel them via District Treasurer, Jim Wilson.  Foundation credits will still apply.