It is with great pleasure that I write to let you know that Rotarians from the Frankston North, Mount Martha & Mt Eliza Clubs joined forces to dismantle some commercial grade playground equipment from a private residence in Mt Eliza for transport to Sri Lanka where I am sure it will be enjoyed by local children. This task involved significant preparation and planning and in this regard we need to acknowledge the work of Rotarians Ross Schweitzer (Mt Eliza), Colin Stokes (Mount Martha) and David Hanlon (Frankston North). Thanks also to Peter Cribb (Rotary Club Flemington) and Rod Greer (RC Ocean Grove) for their advice. It was wonderful to have a committed team of Rotarians today: Alex Anderson, Roger Annear, Russell Cock, Simon Gillham, David Hanlon, Alan Harwood, Wayne Jenkins, Hardy Jurasckek, Geoff Magor, Ian McConnell, Roger Skipsey and myself. In particular, thanks go to Wayne Jenkins who visited the site on several occasions to help prepare for the day. The day commenced with the team coding each separate section of the equipment and then dismantling it from the top down. We were left with twelve upright poles that had been concreted in place. With the help of a jackhammer and crowbars the poles were all taken out of the ground. The team then moved each piece to the front of the house where it was collected this afternoon by Peter Cribb in the Donations in Kind truck for transport up to the City and then to be placed in a container with other playgrounds for shipping to Sri Lanka. Special thanks to Hardy Jurasckek who returned later in the afternoon to help Peter Cribb load the truck. This was a great opportunity for three Clubs in District 9820 to work together and I believe that a most enjoyable (and tiring) day was had by all. 
Jim Young – President, RC Mt Eliza