The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) in partnership with a number of Rotary Clubs across Australia, including D9820’s Rotary Clubs of Mitchell River and Rosebud Rye, will be participating in 'Walks Against Ice' in their communities on Sunday 15th September.  
The walks are aimed to spotlight the drug 'Ice' for what it really is, an insidiously poisonous chemical concoction that eventually, and often rapidly, destroys the physical and mental health of almost everyone who uses it. It destroys families and friendships, with suicide often the ultimate outcome.
Food vans will be available so that participants can purchase egg and bacon rolls, doughnuts and coffee for sustenance. Rotary, AAIC and Community speakers will be in attendance to provide advice and speak at the end of the walks.
The AAIC employs and trains recovered Ice addicts to integrate their own often horrific stories into a high impact Education Workshop promoting their core message – 'Not Even Once'.  
Information on the Bairnsdale Walk against Ice can be found at Bairnsdale Walk Against Ice, and more information on the AAIC and the Walks Against Ice programme can be found at