Extracts from a report prepared for PDG Tim Moore
A Global Grants project to provide safe water supply to residents of six remote villages in the Philippines using water filtration, is well on the way to completion.  The new water system project eases the plight of the students and teachers, as they will no longer fetch potable water far from their homes and schools.
Clean water is essential to the villages in order to prevent the transmission of waterborne pathogens. It also reduces the exposure of individuals to chemical and physical hazards that could be ingested through contaminated drinking water. Diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases still rank among the leading causes of illnesses in the country.
Some of the challenges faced by the project were:
  • The transportation route to some of the villages is mountainous and full of deep ravines, so the road worthiness of service vehicles and road safety were important
  • Some provinces posed a risk in terms of security, due to local warring factions
Despite these challenges, three of the six villages have now had Skyhydrant units, together with a new stainless steel water tank installed as a depository of clean water from the Skyhydrant.  The remaining three villages will have their installations completed before the end of June.