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The Rotary Foundation Seminar
Nov 06, 2016
District AGM
Nov 06, 2016
'GO TO' District Leadership Meeting
Nov 13, 2016
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
'GO TO' Finance Meeting
Nov 13, 2016
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
'GO TO' Board Meeting
Nov 13, 2016 11:30 AM
The Inlet Hotel
Nov 16, 2016
6:15 PM – 10:00 PM
eClub Latitude 38 Charter Function
Tarnuk Room - Royal Botanic Gardens – Cranbourne
Nov 19, 2016
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Rotary Foundation Gala Ball
Nov 26, 2016
Youth Exchange Programme Camp
Dec 09, 2016 – Dec 11, 2016
Council Of Governor's Meeting
Dec 11, 2016
End School Term 4
Dec 20, 2016
Christmas Day
Dec 25, 2016
Public Holiday - Boxing Day
Dec 26, 2016
Public Holiday - Christmas Day Observance
Dec 27, 2016
New Year's Day
Jan 01, 2017
Lynne’s Undertakings
November is Rotary Foundation Month and I am so proud of all the wonderful plans clubs have made to celebrate the Centenary of The Rotary Foundation, which is one of the largest Foundations in the world.  It is imperative that we continue to support our Rotary Foundation to enable us to continue to make a difference to lives here and overseas by funding the broad range of Educational and Humanitarian programs available through our own charity.
On a personal note, last month was very exciting for my family with the arrival of grandchild number ten, a baby girl, ‘Aurora Shae’ who weighed in at 10lb 2oz.  Aurora is the first child for our youngest daughter Melissa and her partner Damian and she is absolutely beautiful.  After some Long Service Leave I have returned to work.  Trevor and I have been busy shifting from our current home in Narre Warren South to our new home in Berwick, so a lot is going on, but it’s all good fun and life couldn’t be better. 
In my Rotary world, life has been busy and exciting as I have travelled around the district visiting clubs and learning so much about the amazing work Rotarians are continuing to do.  Trevor and I were delighted to attend the RC Mitchell River 20 Year Celebration of the Rotary Junior Community Awards.  It was a wonderful day filled with memories and a great celebration.  Congratulations to RC Mitchell River on this fantastic program.  I enjoyed having lunch with the Youth Exchange Students, both inbound and outbound and the following day I attended the information day for the National Youth Science Forum where I met Year 11 students from across the district who will attend this amazing program in Canberra in January.  Recently I went to Forest Edge where the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Program was being held, and a huge congratulations to the Rotary Club of Frankston Peninsula 2.0 on an incredible weekend. Another highlight of the month was attending a wonderful afternoon at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Frankston which was a fund raiser for Interplast, a project very close to my heart.  Congratulations to Helen Wallace and all the ladies from RC Frankston who put so much work into a memorable day.
I hope you have registered for the District Conference to be held in Hobart from 24-26 March next year.  It promises to be a great weekend and I would love to see you there.
Yours in Rotary
DG Lynne
Rotary District 9820 Conference - Hobart
District Governor (2016-2017) Lynne Westland and Trevor, together with the Rotary Club of Casey, invite you to “COME AND JOIN US” in Hobart.
The Wrest Point Convention Centre is located on the stunning Derwent River, opposite the famous Constitution Deck.  Take a few days before or after the conference, there is so much to see and do.  The region is famous for its wineries and cheese tastings.  There is the infamous town of Richmond with its heritage bridge, Wine Glass Bay and the historic village of Port Arthur are places not to be missed.  There is also the Tahune Air Walk, Mona Art Gallery and for the more adventurous Rotarians, you can hike up or around Cradle Mountain or visit the magnificent waterfalls and nature walks on offer.  The Conference will be held in the world class auditorium at Wrest Point and will include the Saturday morning at Salamanca Market.
Getting there is easy … you can fly or go over on the Spirit of Tasmania which offers an incredible experience with great entertainment and good food.  There are accommodation choices to suit all tastes and accommodation at Wrest Point is now open.
Book by telephoning 1800 030 611 and quote 699172.
Our theme is ‘Children Are Our Future’ and our guest speakers will inspire and amaze you.  More information will be available throughout the year.
Make a note in your diary now and start planning for our fantastic 2017 Rotary D9820 Conference.
Trevor and I look forward to seeing you there …… ‘Come and join us’!
Registrations Open!
Centenary House is 10 Years Old!!
Left: PDG Dennis Heslin, Pres Margaret Heslin, DG Lynne Westland, AG Carol Crewe, Ken Peake and PDG Ken McDonald.
Right: Rotarians and partners who attended the celebrations.
The Rotary Club of Mitchell River’s Rotary Junior Community Awards
On Saturday, 8th October, Trevor and I attended the 20th Year of the Rotary Club of Mitchell River’s Rotary Junior Community Awards.
LORNA HAWKEY Rotary Club of Mitchell River 
Rotarian Lorna Hawkey spoke about the upcoming celebrations to mark the 20th year of the Rotary Club of Mitchell River’s Rotary Junior Community Award.  
The event was held at St Mary’s Parish Hall on Saturday 8th October, 2016.  All were welcome.
The Junior Community Award was originally designed by late Mitchell River Rotarian and school principal David Hawkey to help develop resilience in young students. It was trialled in four Bairnsdale schools in 1997 before being promoted to other schools and Rotary Clubs.  
The Rotary Junior Community Award is specifically designed for students in grade 6. It is non-competitive and can be achieved by children of all physical and mental abilities.  The program engages students in four main areas of endeavour to be completed over the school year – community service, social experience, physical recreation and skill development.
Over the 20 years since its inception, about 3000 grade 6 students in the Bairnsdale alone have completed the Award. About 1500 diaries are sent around Australia each year and the number of schools still taking up the program is increasing.
As our ‘official’ Lift the Lid on Mental Illness day comes to a close, and having seen and heard of the activities from so many Clubs, I really wanted to thank you all for giving your support.
While I have never doubted the importance of Lift the Lid, and where we can take this in the future, the fact that we started from nothing meant that we had to have a great deal of support. In Rotary terms, you five were the first and most important to give your imprimatur, without which the involvement of your Clubs would not have been so readily given. No doubt there will be some Clubs who were slow to adopt Lift the Lid but that was always to be expected. Overwhelmingly, the messages I have received have been wonderfully positive.
The aims of Lift the Lid were to raise funds from the general public for mental illness prevention research and for Rotary to be actively promoted in the public arena. Certainly, the double page in the Herald Sun today and Neil Mitchell’s promotion on 3AW over these last two days have given us significant positive publicity.
While I don’t have all their contacts, for those AG’s who have also helped you, please pass on my gratitude to them ... and please extend the thanks of Australian Rotary Health to all participating Clubs through your DG Newsletters.
It has been a significant Rotary day ... and there’s so much more to come.
Good health
(Greg Ross, Vice Chairman, Australian Rotary Health,  0407 891 048)
On Wednesday 5th October 2016, the Rotary Club of Frankston North Members were encouraged to wear a Hat to celebrate ‘Lift the Lid.’
Hats ranged from stylish Boaters, Fascinators and even a genuine Russian Soldiers Ushanka. 
All monies raised on the night were donated to the Rotary Health ‘Lift the Lid’ Programme.
An enjoyable and informative night was had by all resulting in the judging of the best Hat.  The judges awarded Maree Hutchins the overall winner.
November is Rotary Foundation Month
By Bruce Allen, The Rotary Foundation - South Pacific & Philippines
The month of November is the month Rotary International dedicates to the programs and activities of the Rotary Foundation and this gives us a wonderful opportunity to focus our attention on the many great things that our foundation delivers to our world.
We take so much for granted as we enjoy our privileged life. Water streams from every one of the 16 or so taps in our houses, medical aid is just around the corner, a strong and active education system provides a future for all our children and with the exception of a few, we want for nothing. How different it is for one-third of the world’s population!
Including our efforts in the area of polio eradication, your Foundation provided something like $180 million last year to support clubs and districts in their efforts to ‘do good in the world’. If you add the money supplied by clubs and districts to complete these projects we would have a conservative spend of something like $450 million so we are not a small, insignificant organization. We are a highly relevant significant group and we should never fail to make that point with our friends.
Nothing ever comes cheap and everything The Foundation does costs money. When the money runs out so does our ability to make a difference. Clubs can take the bull by the horns and agreed to pay their TRF commitment now rather than wait until the traditional ‘rush’ period of June. We will get our money working sooner rather than later and that will help enormously. If all clubs in Australia could do this then The Foundation would be in a much stronger position.
We can also help as individuals. Those of us with Centurion commitments who aren’t tied into a scheduled payment plan could consider paying this month. It’s only $100 per person but collectively it has the power to do so much. Those of us who haven’t yet made the Centurion’ leap of faith’ might give the possibility a little extra thought. That extra $1.92 a week can make such a difference to the people depending on us for a better life.
The Rotary Foundation is your own charity and I’m just asking you to be part of it.
Rotary World President 2016-17 John F Germ wrote:
“In 1979, James Bomar Jr., the president of Rotary at the time, traveled to the Philippines as part of Rotary’s earliest work to immunize children against polio. After he had put drops of vaccine into one baby’s mouth, he felt a child’s hand tugging on his trouser leg to get his attention. Bomar looked down and saw the baby’s brother looking up at him, saying earnestly, “Thank you, thank you, Rotary.”
Before Rotary took on the task of polio eradication, 350,000 people – nearly all of them children – were paralysed by polio every year. That child in the Philippines knew exactly what polio was and understood exactly what Rotary had just done for his baby brother.
Today, 31 years after the launch of PolioPlus, the children of the Philippines – and of nearly every other country in the world – are growing up without that knowledge, and that fear, of polio.  Instead of 1,000 new cases of polio every day, we are averaging less than one per week. But as the fear of polio wanes, so does awareness of the disease.  Now more than ever, it is vitally important to keep that awareness high and to push polio eradication to the top of the public agenda and our governments’ priorities……
……It is an incredibly exciting time to be a Rotarian. We are gathering momentum for the final race to the finish: to the end of PolioPlus and the beginning of a polio-free world. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to End Polio Now, through Rotary Serving Humanity.”
20 October 2016
End Polio Now!!!

Four months of this Rotary year have gone already and this month we will celebrate our own charity – The Rotary Foundation, which transforms your gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.

I hope to see many Rotarians, partners and friends at our Gala Celebration of The Rotary Foundation on 26th November at the Cardinia Cultural Centre in Pakenham.

I know it will be a great night, so get a table together and book in now!

End Polio now!!!

We are living in a momentous time

•    In 15 years there has been over 1.2 billion of malaria cases prevented

•    6 million people are alive today because of this ...

Are you interested in joining our districts Rotarians Against Malaria team?

This has come about by

•   Improved drug treatment

•   The use of bed nets

•   Training and education

•   Healthy village programs


Some challenges

•   Parasite drug resistance -

•   Insecticide resistance -  impregnated bed nets may therefore fail in the future

•   Lack of consistent testing - leading to poor diagnosis

A further challenge for us is that if the support and effort to reduce malaria only stays the 'same' and doesn't increase, the World Health Organisation considers malaria will actually increase in numbers.

However, we live in a momentous time as we are now in a position where we can make a difference.

Rotarians against malaria work with our near neighbours - Timor Leste, PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

If you would like to find out more or join our district team contact me

Christine Williams

Vale Past District Governor Tom Boyle
Rotarians and friends in D9820, who knew Past District Governor Tom Boyle, were deeply saddened by his death on 7th October, 2016 at Latrobe Regional Hospital.  Our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with Tom’s wife of 65 years, Mickey (Nancy) and all the family. 
It’s no secret that Tom absolutely loved Rotary and that it could bring people into a better place and assist others far less fortunate than ourselves.  Tom, through his dedication and service to Rotary became a highly esteemed and distinguished Rotarian.
In 1976 Tom was invited to join Rotary in Wangaratta where he became a member of the Rotary Club of Appin Park.  He came to Traralgon in 1980 as Headmaster of Liddiard Road Primary School and transferred at this time to RC Traralgon where he remained until he was called to Higher Service last week.  Tom served as President, Secretary three times, Treasurer once and was a Director five times.  Tom loved Rotary and the ability of like-minded people to be able to get together and make the World a better place.
In 1991 – 1992 Tom was District Governor with an International Theme of ‘Look Beyond Yourself’, a theme that resonated well with Tom as he lived the Rotary example of ‘Service Above Self’.  Tom was keen to ensure that Clubs were well managed and adhered to their Constitution and By Laws.  In 1995 Tom was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow for outstanding service and later received a higher level of that award.  As Tom evolved through Rotary, he became a wonderful and prolific source of knowledge which he happily passed on to younger, newer and experienced Rotarians, and for this, he will be dearly missed.
Tom will be affectionately remembered as a valuable friend and a truly ‘great Rotarian’.  Our thoughts are with Mickey who is unwell at this present time, we sincerely wish her good health in the future.
Rest In Peace Past District Governor Tom.
Changing Lives – Rebuilding Futures
High Tea at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
A Great Fundraising Day for Interplast.
On Saturday, 29th October, 2016, District 9820 Governor Lynne Westland had a great day raising funds for Interplast at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  The day was organised by Helen Wallace, wife of President of RC Frankston, Kevin Wallace, and strongly supported by Rotarians, their wives and friends of members of RC Frankston.  The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party garden setting was amazing, taking place in the beautiful gardens of the home of Rotarians Nina and Upali DeSilva.  The sun shone on all of us as we had raffles, enjoyed a fashion parade, laughed, chatted and had a great deal of fun, whilst raising money for this wonderful project.  Rotary at its best!!!
Congratulations to RC Frankston on a great day.
Exciting news from Bangladesh this week!! After lots of ‘toing and froing’ and general holdups, the container of goods for the hospital at Joyrumkura has finally been cleared from the port at Chittagong and embarked on its 12 hour road trip to the north of the  country where it has been welcomed with excitement and thanks by the hospital administrators and staff. They are touchingly grateful for what we as Rotarians here in Victoria have been able to do for this very poor area in terms of improved medical equipment and therefore care. I have attached some photos and an excerpt from the cover letter sent to me during the week by my chief contact Tarun Daring.
My personal thanks are extended to all the Clubs who assisted in this International Project. Having visited the hospital in 2013 and been familiar with it through its entire 50 year history due to my father, PDG (D950) Bill McFarlane’s involvement with the country since 1964 I could think of no better way to assist than by bringing to bear the incredible reach and resources of Rotary, DIK and the generosity of Rotarians in D9820.
I am assured that other photos will follow in coming days of equipment in situ and will ensure that those are also forwarded to the District.
Many thanks once again
Janne Speirs
(D9820 International Chair 2016-7)
From Tarun Daring (Interim Executive Director) “your supports have made us possible to increase the medical care and service facilities in our hospital and we are greatly happy with your love and care”
Meet Rotary's World President 2018-19
Sam Owori
The 2016-17 Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International has unanimously nominated, of the Rotary Club of Kampala, Uganda, to be the president of Rotary International in 2018-19. Owori says he sees in Rotary "an incredible passion to make a difference." As president, he plans to "harness that enthusiasm and pride so that every project becomes the engine of peace and prosperity."
Owori's chief concerns as a Rotary leader are membership and extension. Since he served as district governor, the number of clubs in Uganda has swelled from nine to 89. He urges past, present, and future leaders to work together to engage more women, youth program participants, alumni, and community members to increase Rotary's membership in the coming years.  "There are many places which need Rotary and numerous potential members who have never been invited," he says. "The problem is Rotarians who got in and closed the doors."
Owori is chief executive officer of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda. Before that, he was executive director of the African Development Bank, managing director of Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd., and director of Uganda Development Bank. He has studied law, employment relations, business management, corporate resources management, microfinance, and marketing at institutions in England, Japan, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the United States, including Harvard Business School.
Since becoming a member in 1978, Owori has served Rotary as regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, regional RI membership coordinator, RI Representative to the United Nations Environment Program and UN-Habitat, and RI director. He has been a member or chair of several committees, including the International PolioPlus Committee, the Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force, and the Audit Committee. Most recently, Owori served as trustee of The Rotary Foundation, chair of The Rotary Foundation's Finance Committee, and a member of the Investment Committee. Owori is a Benefactor of The Rotary Foundation, and he and his wife, Norah, are Major Donors and Paul Harris Fellows.
100 Years of Doing Good in the World:
The history of The Rotary Foundation is catalogued in the calendar of events beginning with Arch Klumph’s proposition to establish an endowment for doing good, working through key events illustrated in voice and video extending to the beginning of the celebration of the TRF Centenary in 2016 culminating in the centennial party at the Rotary Convention in 2017.  Arch Klumph’s idea for an endowment fund dedicated to “doing good in the world” planted the seed of The Rotary Foundation in 1917. Thanks to his vision and staunch advocacy, and the extraordinary generosity of Rotary members worldwide, that fund has become one of the world’s leading humanitarian foundations.
Celebrate World Polio Day 24th October, 2016
“Rotary has along with partners reduced polio cases globally by 99.9% since the first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979” see and see - This initiative is undeniably the TRF iconic program of which all Rotarians should be proud!
Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI): - see the interviews from the assembly at the New York City Library.
District 9820 Celebration of the Centennial - District 9820 has a Gala Dinner on the 26th November, 2016. All Clubs within the District should take this opportunity to support the Gala Dinner which will be held at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Pakenham - see the circulated flyer for details, and location (MEL215, H5).
The District is encouraging Family days organised around 9820 Clusters or individual Clubs for February, 2017 dates – closest to Paul Harris’ birthday to be announced locally and on District 9820 newsletter. For details see URL:
6th November is the Foundation Seminar and District AGM.
The AGM will begin at 9.30am and on completion will be followed by the Rotary Foundation Seminar. The venue is the Nossal High School, Clyde Road Berwick - (MEL 111, B10).